Phone Consultation
This is a non-commitment, first step "get to know you" phone call to discuss the issues and goals that you may have with your dog, as well as any questions you may have about the process or programs I offer.
You can book your free consultation here

In Person Evaluation
An in person evaluation will allow me to be able to assess and discuss your wants and goals for your dog. This will typically last around one hour, and at the end we will be able to discuss what training plan would best suit you and your dog.

Individual Private Lessons


Board and Train Programs
Starting at $2,000
2-4 weeks of boarding and training with me, you will receive several updates throughout the week to update you on your dogs progress, as well as 2 free private lessons that would take place after the boarding has ended. These private lessons will ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge of everything we went over the previous weeks of training. 
2 Week (14 Day) Board and Train + 2 Private Lesson
New Beginning 4 Week Program + 4 Private Lessons